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Hair implants

Hair implants are cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons who aim to correct baldness by using effective and precise techniques. In Estethica, hair implants make up more than half of the procedures applied. Depending on the area of ​​baldness to be treated, the surgeon chooses the most appropriate method of hair implant. The medical group also offers care for hair health and beauty. FUT and FUE capillary implantation are Estethica's most commonly used hair implant techniques.

Our clinic in Turkey using follicular unit extraction, or FUE method. It is one of the most innovative and masterful. FUE hair transplant is safe, there are no traces visible to the naked eye, permanent and completely natural results. The procedure is painless and takes only a few hours. Estethi think, it is one of Turkey's leading institutes and plantation operations as well as the reception, offers a very comprehensive offer, such as accommodation and transportation.


The FUE hair transplant in Istanbul

FUE Hair Straightening in Istanbul is a capillary implant surgery procedure involving single removal of follicles at the donor site for reimplantation in recipient or bald regions. FUE is a name in English that means the extraction of follicles into a unit. This is what makes Istanbul famous for its hair styling. This technique is durable and offers a very natural result. Implanta grafts are naturally treated and the success rate of this technique is 98%. In Estethica, FUE is used to correct a visible stain on the scalp, to increase hair density and correct a stomach without damaging existing hair.

Hair Implant Istanbul Turkey

Turkey is an international destination for hair transplant, hair transplant Istanbul is known to be the world capital. Experienced surgeons, state-of-the-art equipment and modern, sophisticated clinics are ready to take patients from all over the world. Estethica is a medical group specializing in hair transplantation in Istanbul and has various clinics with modern equipment. Esthetica today offers a variety of high-performance and economical solutions for hair growth.

Turkey, a country that specializes in hair transplantation

In particular, Turkey has an excellent reputation in medical tourism in the plantation area. go to Turkey for hair transplantation is very high quality with reasonable price and intervention to guarantee satisfactory results. For every intervention, the most advanced equipment is used by an experienced healthcare provider who implements the best transplant techniques. Among the various services offered by the formula of Estethi as part of the plantation is located in Turkey: travel, accommodation, various transfers, intervention and postoperative follow-up.

Hair transplant DHI in Turkey painless

Thanks to the special anesthetic devices used at Estethica, the hair transplant can be applied without pain. These devices serve to reach the skin under the pores by spraying the anesthetic material under pressure, providing fast and effective anesthesia. Thanks to this device, which only the silicone head touches the skin, the anesthetic agents can be spread in the layers of the skin, in a wider area than the needle of the injector and more quickly, and the pain can be maintained.

Beard planting

Beard planting is a surgical procedure to create a beard that does not exist or to intensify an underdeveloped beard. Beard transplant is performed for the patient to grow in maturity and masculinity. A transplant beard or mustache alopecia can provide scar correction. The beard transplant is performed as an outpatient under local anesthesia. The practitioner uses the FUE technique or extractions of the follicular units to avoid scarring after the procedure. Beard transplant results from 6 months after surgery

Hair transplantation in Istanbul

Istanbul is a popular destination for patients who suffer from baldness and want to use a lower price than a quality hair implant. The first online consultation is conducted to assess and define an appropriate treatment. All accommodation and all trips for a hair plant in Istanbul are fully supported by Estethica. Practitioners are using the FUE technique for hair transplantation in Istanbul. Following intervention, patients are free of postoperative follow-up for 1 year.

Accommodation for hair plantation in Istanbul

For any hair transplant surgery in Istanbul, Estethica offers you luxury accommodation options. Depending on the form you choose: economy package, standard package or premium package, several hotels with 3, 4 or 5 rooms are offered. You can enjoy luxurious suites where you can enjoy unique comfort for each type of accommodation. These were selected exclusively by Estethica according to specific criteria: comfort, service quality and closeness to the clinic

In Istanbul, the cost of hair

Due to the cost of a preferred place for Turkey in Istanbul plantation. It offers high quality care at unbeatable prices. The cost of transplanting a hair is cheaper than European clinics for an untreatable treatment quality. Istanbul, Turkey hair transplant is included in the price of a variety of services: travel, accommodation, preoperative examination, surgical and postoperative medications and treatments. Corrective surgeries are performed by practitioners free of charge.

FUE hair plantation

FUE is a hair transplant technique that occurs at the level of the donor site, usually in the neck for implantation, in the bald area of ​​the follicular units. The method is accurate and effective. FUE hair is a modern and innovative technique that does not leave visible scars. FUE is initially designed for the treatment of small baldness, thanks to technological improvements it is now possible to treat larger areas. The procedure can be done to mask the traces left by previous transport procedures.

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